vegetable platter
vegetable platter

How do you define local? At SLO Farmers Co-op, we define it as northeastern Wisconsin. When you purchase from us, you get fresh produce grown in Wisconsin’s soils enriched with organic matter. Bright colors. Great flavor.

Tastes like Wisconsin!

Our farmers offer weekly produce boxes that are pre-ordered and picked up at the farm, farmers market, or drop off points. This is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It is a great advantage to our farms because they can plan production according to these pre-sales giving them a stable income with which to begin the season. You can also purchase a variety of vegetables and fruits from our farms at farmers markets in the Green Bay and Door County areas. See our Farmers page for more information.

Institutions, restaurants, and retail stores purchase bulk produce from SLO. Being a co-operative, we have the ability to aggregate and fill large orders. Our online ordering system makes it easy to place your order. Our customer service representative will be happy to speak with you about putting local on your menu. Please call 920-243-4231 or email