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Flying Tractor Farm

Flying Tractor Farm

Owner of Flying Tractor Farm in Sturgeon Bay, Ron Schweigert was born on a small Wisconsin dairy farm “back in the old days” of the 1950’s. His parents moved off the farm when he was four years old but he perpetually heard them say how much they loved those years on the farm. Thereafter Ron always wanted to live the farm life. After a 30-year business career in mortgage banking, in 2013 Ron purchased this property and began renovating to meet his needs as small diverse farmer.

Flying Tractor Farm has about 3 acres in vegetables, 4500 square feet in two hoop houses for season extension, a year-round 700 square foot hydroponics room, and multiple barns and out-buildings for animals. Ron will be providing heritage-breed Tamworth pork, heritage-breed Dexter beef, and Cornish Cross chicken to SLO’s meat shares, and he also sells eggs and other meats (goat, rabbit, turkey) at the farm and at markets primarily in Door County. Organic grain is purchased from local farms for the animals, which are also pastured outside. To make the farm more sustainable, Ron has added an 18-kW solar system on his barn.

Ron is the vice president of SLO Farmers Co-op.

Flying Tractor Farm

full circle farm

Full Circle Farm

The Adamski’s are now five generations on Full Circle Farm near Pulaski. This certified organic, pasture based farm is primarily run by Rick. After retiring from dairy, he has recently moved to grass-fed beef.  Val implemented the Sustainable and Organic Farming program at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College and is recognized statewide for her knowledge of organic production. Rick also serves on the board of the Wisconsin Farmers Union and both he and Val are involved with efforts to preserve Wisconsin waterways. Rotational grazing, as done on the farm, provides a balanced ecological system that protects waterways. It efficiently feeds cows the grass they are made to eat while maintaining rich, deep organic matter that holds their waste and prevents it from running off into our waterways.

After finishing college, Andrew returned to the farm and is now focusing on growing the local food movement through diversified enterprises. With his partner, Heather, they are adding rotationally grazed rabbits, laying hens, and pigs, as well as incorporating vegetables, perennial fruits and nuts, organic whole grains, and cut flower production.  They envision Full Circle having a future as a community farm, with education and research at the center of it's mission.  This summer you can find them at the Washington Street Green Bay Farmer's Market.

Full Circle Farm

Golden Bear

Golden Bear Farm

Marie and Steve Deibele have owned and operated Golden Bear Farm since 2001. They raise 100% grass-fed beef and pastured Berkshire pigs. Their Berkshire pork is a favorite with chefs and you may see Golden Bear Farm on menus in local fine restaurants.

Steve has spent years researching nutrition to ensure his pigs have a nutrient dense diet on which they thrive thereby ensuring that WE thrive. The grain ration consists of barley, field peas, kelp, and molasses. They feed no corn, soy, GMO’s antibiotics or hormones. In the summertime, the pigs and cattle rotationally graze on organic pastures. In the fall, the pigs have their own salad bar. Gardens planted just for them contain a variety of vegetables, like squash, melons, and turnips. During the winter, they feed apples, pumpkins and other vegetables. Pigs live in a very low-stress environment with ample space even in the winter.

Steve is the treasurer of the SLO Farmers Co-op.

Golden Bear Farm

Groche Organic Farms

Groché Organic Farms

Brian and Teri Gronski bought The Pumpkin Place when Brian’s parents retired as owners in 2006. Brian, an engineer, stayed with his full-time position as they ran The Pumpkin Place while Teri worked toward becoming a Master Gardener. Meanwhile, they discovered a passion for organic vegetable production. They purchased additional land and started Groché Organic Farms, LLC. Brian began farming this location full-time in 2011.

Produce and meat from Groché Organic Farms is certified organic.

Groché Organic Farms

Violas Kitchen Garden

Viola’s Kitchen Garden

Viola’s Kitchen Garden is located on the Zipperer family farm near Francis Creek. Operated by Suzanne Zipperer, Viola’s is named after Suzanne’s grandmother, Viola Koch Zipperer, who was born on the homestead and farmed with her husband, Reinhardt.

This tiny operation aims to bring highly nutritious and chemically free food to those who value good taste and good health. Agriculture practices utilize the nitrogen rich chicken droppings to ensure the soil is kept alive with the microorganisms that help release nutrients for plant use.

Viola’s Kitchen Garden specializes in three products – pastured chickens, fall raspberries, and gem squash.


Kellner’s Back Acre Garden

Kellner’s Back Acre Garden is a three-generation family family farm effort with a focus on eggs and poultry, as well as organic vegetables. The farm is certified organic for produce and eggs.

Free range chickens and ducks are raised in the pastures during the day and brought into the barn at night for protection. Turkeys are moved to fresh pasture daily.

Kellner’s supplies eggs to many retail outlets in Green Bay, the Fox Valley, and Milwaukee. They also provide meat birds to Outpost Natural Foods in Milwaukee.

The farm has a small store where customers can pick up fresh produce, eggs, and meat

Kellner's Back Acre Garden