Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You have organic in your name, yet your meats are not all organic. What’s up with that?

Although our members agree to move toward organic, we are not there yet. The issue is that the price point when we use organic feeds rises above what the community will support. We also have no certified organic mill in northeast Wisconsin, so our carbon footprint increases because we need to transport feed from the western part of the state. We all do feed non-GMO feeds, which is done by feeding barley and peas instead of corn and soy. Please feel free to ask questions. Transparency is very important to us.

I’m not sure I have enough freezer space for a monthly box. Will it fit in my kitchen freezer or do I need to get a separate one?

Meat is pretty heavy, so unless you have lots of ice cream in your kitchen freezer, you should have no trouble fitting the 18 pounds. This amount fills a brown paper grocery bag. The chicken, because of its round shape, is a little more difficult to fit. Just plan to use that first.

I think 18 pounds is too much for us. And the small share is more expensive. Are there other options?

Our market research told us that households cook three to four meals from scratch each week. The rest of the time, they eat leftovers, prepared food, or at restaurants. Based on one-quarter pound per person per day, a household of two would consume about 3.5 pounds of meat a week, which is a little over 14 pounds a month. Figure the extra three pounds is for another home cooked meal or lunches using leftovers for family and friends. If you have a large family, you may want to buy two shares.

Regarding the small share, we’re sorry, but because the cost of aggregation, packaging, and delivery is the same for a small share as a whole, we can’t do a direct half payment. Our suggestion is that you find a friend to share the box with and split it yourselves.

What do I do if I can’t pick up my share at the specified time?

Email our customer service representative at or text 920-750-8686 as soon as you know. You will be given some options. We understand people can’t always make a specific time, but please be aware that if you do not contact us and the share is not picked up, we will donate it to a family in need.

Do I have to sign-up for six months?

We are small emerging co-operative and would love to provide you with lots of choices, but right now we need to have some certainty with which to plan our production. Although we can gear up for chickens quite quickly as they only take a couple months to raise, beef is on the field two years! Right now we need to predict sales as much as possible and your consistency in ordering helps us do that. We also work with small processors who are sometimes fully booked (especially around deer season), so regular production schedules help them plan their workforce.

Can we visit the farms where the meat is raised?

You are certainly welcome to drive by and see the cows, chickens, and pigs in the field at any time. To arrange an actual tour, however, please contact our customer service representative. 920-750-8686

How about an “I can’t cook at all” box?

We hear you, and you are not alone! Yes, that’s a whole chicken in the box. Our Resources and Recipes pages are designed for the inexperienced cook. (The rest of you already have your recipes down and know where to go for new ones.) You’ll find tips for using leftovers, batch cooking, and links to simple recipes from tested sources.

Where do you deliver the meat shares ?

You will meet us at the pick up point you chose when you ordered your share. Pickup locations may change as we grow, but we don’t want you to drive far. Tell your neighbors about us and if they sign up, we can arrange a drop off in your driveway!

What are the actual contents of the shares?

The precise contents of the boxes vary from month to month. This allows us to use the animal in the amounts the carcass supplies. For example, we would love to put bacon in each box every month, but there is only so much bacon on a pig. The web site lists general contents and you are guaranteed minimum poundage. A good variety of cuts are included.

When was the meat butchered?

This depends on the farm and the time of year, but we guarantee quality. Frozen meat kept according to USDA standards of below zero temperature will keep well over a year in a freezer. Vacuum packaging prevents freezer burn. Our farms butcher regularly. The exception is chicken, which are not butchered October through April as our processors do not take poultry at this time and winter birds do not thrive. Again, vacuum packaging retains quality and we guarantee our product.

What breeds of animals do your farmers raise?

Please see Our Farms on the web site and connect to the individual farm web sites for detailed information. You will also find SLO Standards, which include animal rearing practices on that page. Feel free to contact for specifics.

Who does the processing and packaging of the meat ?

We use four local processors who we consider partners we cannot do without. They are Quality Cut Meats in Cascade; Beck’s Meats in Oshkosh; Otto’s Meats in Luxemburg, and Pond Hill in Wittenberg. All are licensed processors and meat inspectors are present during processing. All food safety rules are followed and SLO is a licensed retailer. No nitrates or nitrites are used.

Are the packages vacuum sealed or paper wrapped?

Packages are vacuum sealed, except for ground meat, which is in plastic tubes.

What ingredients are in the processed meats, such as bacon and sausage?

Beef and pork is processed with only natural ingredients — NO nitrates, nitrites, MSG, gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. A natural hard wood is used for the smoked meats.

I just noticed we don’t have our sales person contact info on the page! Please add above the payment options line:
Have questions? Call Tay at 920-750-8686 or email