Cooking Tips

Recipes and Tips for Your SLO Farmer’s Shares

We are so pleased you have decided to join the SLO Farmers Cooperative “family!” We know that committing to purchasing your meat from local sources isn’t the “cheapest” option available, but we are certain that you will find the superior taste and nutritive profile of SLO’s grass-fed, grass-finished beef; pastured heritage breed pork; and pastured chickens worth the investment.

Here are some general tips and links to some of our favorite recipes. We would love to see your favorite recipes, serving tips, and batch cooking ideas for meal planning. We also welcome your questions on meat handling and preparation. Email or call or text our customer service representative at 920-750-8686.

Tips for Cooking With Lamb

Ground Lamb Safety and Handling Frozen ground lamb should be defrosted in the refrigerator and never at room temperature. As meat packages can leak as they thaw, place lamb (or any meats) on a plate larger than the package of meat in the fridge while thawing, to catch any drips. Ground lamb should be cooked as soon as possible after it is defrosted. It is recommended that ground lamb dishes such as meatloaf and moussaka be checked for doneness with ...
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Chick, Chick, Chicken!

Chick, Chick, Chicken! Safety First! Always separate the preparation of chicken from other food. Do not use the cutting board or knife you used on the chicken for the salad as it can pass bacteria. Wipe down surfaces after working with raw chicken. Check out mistakes people often make in handling chicken. One of the most important to note is Number Three (I have been doing this wrong forever!) Mistake 3: Rinsing chicken before you cook. Contrary to popular opinion, ...
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Pan Grilled Pork Chops

Heritage Breed Pork

Heritage Breed Pork from SLO Farmers Almost all pork raised in the US is from Yorkshire pigs. These pigs grow quickly and are lean. Our co-op farmers raise heritage breeds, Berkshire and Tamworth. Unlike commercial pork operations where pigs are raised totally inside, our pigs have access to the outside year round and are on pasture when weather permits. This makes the meat firm and adds to the flavor. Uncured You’ll notice that the bacon and ham are marked “uncured.” ...
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Cooking Grass-Fed Beef

Cooking Grass-fed Beef Grass fed beef is leaner and should be cooked at lower temperatures. The Grass Fed Beef Association offers these tips. Let’s talk about Beef Cuts: Chuck roast – Some people would call this “pot roast.” Chuck roast is a lower quality roast than sirloin tip or arm roast, but it is a great cut of meat when cooked well. You can cook chuck roast with onions, carrots, and potatoes in the oven or in a slow cooker ...
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General Meat Tips

Keeping Meat in the Freezer The best way to protect food against freezer burn is to vacuum seal it. The vacuum seal locks out air and prevents other flavors and moisture from breaching the barrier. All the meats you receive from SLO will come to you vacuum-sealed and frozen. Handle your meats carefully to avoid breaking the vacuum seal. Don’t stack too high or force the packages into tight spaces in the freezer. We recommend marking your frozen meats with ...
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Naomi’s “Popeye” Meatballs

Naomi's "Popeye" Meatballs True confession time! I never took the time to make meatballs until two things happened in January 2017. My husband and I committed to the Whole30 Diet for the month, AND I started cooking for two families that requested meatballs rather than meat sauce. I was always intimidated by what I thought had to be a complicated recipe, using a bunch of high-carb, processed fillers (think oatmeal; cracker crumbs; plain white flour, etc). Once we started doing ...
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