Purchasing Meat in Bulk

Purchasing Meat in Bulk

If you have a large family and want a freezer full of meat ready for every meal, you can order beef or pork by the quarter(beef only), half, or whole from SLO Farmers Co-op. The animal is delivered to the butcher and you order it cut as you want. We will help you with the process of selecting the cuts you want. Contact customer services at 920-750-8686 or email sales@slofarmersco-op.com.


With an average live weight of 1,150 pounds, the typical steer will produce a 715 pound carcass. This is your “hanging” weight. The hanging beef will yield approximately 569 pounds of red meat and trim. Trim includes about 27 pounds of variety meat including liver, heart, tongue, tripe, sweetbreads and brains and another 146 pounds of fat, bone and loss. That leaves about 395 pounds of “cuts” like roasts, steaks, ground beef. When you purchase “hanging weight,” you pay a low price per pound, but it includes the trim, bone, and fat (suet). Figure that into the price and add the butcher bill. – Information taken from Ask the Butcher web site.


It is said that everything but the squeak is used on a pig. Pigs average about 250 pounds at butcher and from that, the “hung weight” or dressed carcass is about 180 pounds. The “trim” made into sausage is about 9 pounds, much less than the beef. The head and feet average 8 pounds and some people use those as well. You‘ll want to get the lard from pigs that are raised without additives in their food as it makes wonderful pies and can be used in place of vegetable oil for frying.

The cuts are:
28 lbs. ham
23 lbs. loin (chops of different kinds, loin roast)
23 lbs. bacon
6 lbs. ribs
9 lbs. butt roast or pork steak
12 lbs. pork shoulder or picnic
23 lbs. back fat (lard)

Information taken from How much meat? Oklahoma Dept. of Food and Forestry