Learning Opportunities from Other Food Advocates

Learning Opportunities from Other Food Advocates

New Leaf Foods and The Farmory offer food related workshops in Green Bay.

The Northwest Earth Institute has two community courses centered on learning more about food systems. “Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability” and “Menu for the Future.” The readings provide a great overview of the economic, social, and environmental issues surrounding our food choices. Great place to start. Form a group and share the learning.

Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability

What we eat matters—the food choices we make every day have an impact on our planet. Discuss how food choices have an impact on a range of issues, including ecosystem health, factory and farm worker treatment, and our global economy. Hungry for Change

Menu for the Future

Over the last century, the way we grow, harvest, transport, and consume food has changed significantly. It’s easy to overlook the impact this process has on our environment. Menu for the Future helps you explore the connection between food and sustainability. Participants learn more about the many cultural, social, and ecological implications of what we eat and discuss the importance of our eating habits.