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Films, Books, Podcasts

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Food Inc.

This film provides a critical look at large scale agribusiness. Video: Food, Inc.

Meat: a benign extravagance by Simon Fairllie

At its heart, the book argues,that the farming of animals for consumption has become problematic because we have removed ourselves physically and spiritually from the land.

The Ground Beneath our Feet Studio 1A (NPR podcast)

A 2012 study found that about a third of the planet’s topsoil is degraded and that without action, the world will be out of soil suitable for farming within 60 years. The Ground Beneath Our Feet NPR Podcast

Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for Sustainable Meat by Barry Estabrook.

An eye-opening investigation of the commercial pork industry and an inspiring alternative to the way pigs are raised and consumed in America.