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Introducing our SLO Custom CSA

We are excited to offer our first vegetable CSA starting this season, and it will be customizable! This means that you can swap out veggies on our online platform, add any additions for a given week, and pause your account any time for vacation.
Click HERE to learn more.

Upcoming Farm Event!

Mothers Earth Day

Buying Local

  • It’s about knowing where your food comes from and how it was raised.
  • It’s about sustainable farming that protects our rich water resources.
  • It’s about supporting small local farms and businesses.
  • It’s about home cooking and great taste.
  • It’s about taking the next step and committing to it all with SLO Farmers Co-op.
  • For more information on our Meatshare Program Click Here
  • For more information on our Produce Program Click Here
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Golden Bear Beefers

About SLO Farmers Cooperative

Founded in 2014, the SLO Farmers Co-op is an emerging producer’s co-operative in northeastern Wisconsin. We are committed to providing quality farm products that sustain both our farms and our environment. All members agree to meeting our production standards.
SLO Farmers Co-op Production Standards

Consumers are encouraged to ask questions about our practices and about food production and distribution in general.

Our Mission

To create a regional entity for collaborative promotion and marketing of locally grown, quality, organic or sustainable foods and supporting benefits for member producers, consumers, and the community.

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