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Our Standards Tell You More About Our Farming

SLO Farmers Co-op offers monthly meat boxes through a Meat Share program. Get a mixture of beef, pork, and chicken each month and support our small family farms. Help us grow our farm operations by committing to purchases so we can plan our production.

  • Subscribe to a share that fits your household needs.
  • Pick up at a convenient location.
  • Choose your Method of Payment, and Payment Plan.  Pay by check in full or two installments; be billed monthly through your credit card; or use automatic monthly withdrawal through your bank account (ACH.)
  • Know your farmer and know your food. Our farms meet SLO standards and are transparent in their practices. We encourage questions.
Pan Grilled Pork Chops

Your Meat Share Options

Commitment period: Your commitment to a meat share helps us plan our animal production and keep our prices consistent. You have a choice of a 6-month, 9-month or 12-month commitment. We do offer an introductory box to help you make the decision to fully commit to SLO Farmers Co-op.

Full Meat Share - $149

A minimum of 18 pounds monthly including:

  • Ground beef in one-pound packets
  • Other beef (alternating roast and steak)
  • One whole chicken
  • Processed pork (brats, bacon, ham steak/deli ham, breakfast links)
  • Pork cuts (roasts, chops, ribs, steak)
Beef Tips
roast pork and vegetables.

Small Meat Share - $99.00

A minimum of 11 pounds monthly including a whole chicken, and smaller amounts of pork and beef cuts as listed above.

Ground Meat Share - $99.00

A minimum of 11 pounds, including:

  • One-pound packets of ground beef
  • One-pound packet of brats, Italian sausage, or breakfast sausage
  • One-pound packets of ground pork or seasoned bulk pork sausage
fresh ground hamburger
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Don’t Eat Much Meat Share - $89.00

A minimum of 9 pounds, including:

  • One-pound packets beef stew meat
  • One-pound packets ground beef
  • One-pound packet round steak, excellent for stir fry
  • One-pound of brats, Italian sausages, or deli ham
  • Half of a chicken

Stand Alone Orders

Sample Box

We are so sure that you’ll want to get more, that we are offering $10 off on a full monthly share box so you can try before you buy. One per household annually.

All Beef Meat Share - $299.00

This box can be purchased as a "stand alone" without a monthly commitment.

Minimum of 30 pounds including:

  • 15 lbs Ground Beef in 1 lb packages
  • 5 lbs Five Sirloin/round steak in 1 lb packages
  • 6 lbs Two 3 lb. Rump/sirloin tip roasts
  • 4 lbs T-Bone/porterhouse/ribeye steak
min all beef share

Next Step is to Sign Up for FarmMatch OnLine Ordering


Submit Your Application

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Farm Match, our secure web site partner, lists the box options.  FarmMatch charges $2.95 for a single order and $3.95 for a recurring order. The 30 pound all beef choice can be purchased as a single purchase as many times as you want. The sample box is offered at a reduced introductory price and can be purchased once annually per household. The prices offered for monthly deliveries are based on your commitment to a 6 to 12 monthly purchase so we can plan our production.

Send us your order

Don’t want to do an online purchase? You can pay by check in one or two installments by sending us a Meat Share Application. We will offer ACH withdrawal in the near future.